Friday, September 2, 2011

Hawke & Johnson, C.N.M. (1.20)

   Hawke thumped his partner in the chest to get his attention. “Focus. We need to get Lady Thiereliel to Rosecroft and then get into the house.”
   Em straightened and cleared his throat. “Yes, of course. Rosecroft. House.”
   Liel nodded and sighed. “If I could borrow pen and paper?”

   Changed back into trademen attire and with Lady Thiereliel’s note tucked safely in Hawke’s jacket pocket, they escorted Liel to the Scrolled Quarter where she assured them she would hasten to the Earl’s house as they made their way to her father’s. The Scrolled Quarter was as different from the alley where they kept their offices as was possible while being in the same city. Broad cobblestone roads were trimmed with parks and walkways. Large townhomes sprawled along the greenery, close enough together to be cozy without crowding. Gentlemen exercised fancy horses that pranced with innate equine arrogance, their shod hooves ringing daintily on the stones. Ladies strolled, holding parasols to ward off the afternoon sunshine.
   Em took a deep breath of the clean air. “Isn’t it wonderful?”
   Hawke looked at his partner briefly and then started walking along the path that would lead them to the hill and manse that Lady Thiereliel had pointed out as her father’s home. “No. Let’s get this over with.”

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