Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hawke & Johnson, C.N.M (1.18)

   "But let's think about this," Hawke said. "If we appear as upper class men- "
   "Never like that, my boy," Em said, shaking his head at Hawke’s attire. With another flourish he changed Hawke's clothes to the tight, fancy garb that was popular with the aristocracy.
   Hawke jumped up from his chair, pulling at the tight collar. "Gods, but this is uncomfortable!" he complained.
   Liel raised her brows at the elegantly attired men in front of her. One blonde and slender garbed in soft pastels, the other dark and muscular outfitted in jewel tones. "Well, I'll certainly say you both clean up nicely."
   Hawke glowered at Johnson while pulling on the cuffs of his outfit. "Stop wasting your energy with frippery.”
   Em fluffed the lace on Hawke’s cuff. “You’re just angry that I’ve made you a fashion plate. You never complain when I do it to myself.”
   Hawke pulled his arm away and started struggling out of the form-fitting jacket. “What I was saying was that if we appear as nobles there will be more of an interest in checking our backgrounds than if we appear as tradesmen. We would also be unlikely to see more of the house than the entry hall and receiving room. We need some reason to go into most of the rooms in the house."
   Liel thought for a moment. "Painting restoration."

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