Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hawke & Johnson, C.N.M. (1.17)

   Em nodded. "I agree. Whatever is going on, there should be some magical evidence at the house."
   "It would be unorthodox but I can have you accompany me home. Perhaps with a story of you saving me from muggers with the expectation that Papa would reward you. You could get an audience with him then."
   "That could work," Em said.
   "No," Hawke countered. "Her father's spirit was very clear that she shouldn't put herself in danger by going back to the house. We take her to Rosecroft."
   "Then what is your plan for getting in to the house?" Em asked.
   "I don't know yet."
   "You won’t gain admittance through the front door," Liel said. "You are far too...common."
   Em stood up and with a flourish of his hand his clothing changed to the peak of fashion. He bowed low over her hand. "Perish the though, my lady, that we would not be received. That you would even say it is rather lowering."
   Despite herself Liel laughed at Em's outrageous but spot-on upper class accents. Hawke was glad to see a lightening of the concern that shadowed the young girl’s eyes since he had announced her father’s spirit had crossed over. His partner was a master of distraction.

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